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Thoubal Dam

13 August 2015 Tribals protest against their land being given to private company The Hindu. #Odisha (Thuamul Rampur tehsil, Kalahandi district)

13 August 2015 ‘Don’t drive tribals out of their traditional land’ The Hindu. #TN (Jawadu Hills),

13 August 2015 BJP states trying to sideline key forest Act clauses, MPs tell PM Narendra Modi IE Stop scuttling rights of tribals in BJP-ruled states: Congress HT

12 August 2015 A Need for Forest Rights Act Kashmir Monitor

11 August 2015 ‘Pragati’ initiative may be a step backward as Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand may end up denying … ET

10 August 2015 Rules to bypass forest law for tribals in BJP-ruled states? HT

10 August 2015 Forest departments violating Forest Rights Act, say tribals LiveMint. #Odisha #Telengana

10 August 2015 Jharkhand CM announces to start tribal village road scheme, make development council functional TOI. #Jharkhand

10 August 2015 Das hands over land titles to tribals TOI. #Bihar

10 August 2015 Goverment wants to dilute tribal landrights: Sonia Gandhi IE

10 August 2015 Perpetuating Deprivation And Injustice: Plantation Programs In Violation Of Forest Rights Act CounterCurrents

10 August 2015 Will tribals be denied their rights due to the fast-paced PRAGATI initiative? ET

9 August Chhattisgarh puts economic growth ahead of environmental concerns. HT

9 August 2015 Agitation brewing against move on bauxite mining. The Hindu. #AP #Protest

9 august 2015 How community rights under the Forest Rights Act could transform the lives of millions of forest ET. #Analysis

9 August 2015 Are tribals really benefitting from the Forest Rights Act? “It must be emphasised that FRA does not ask for wholesale transfer of management to the local communities. Section 3 (1)(i) of the Act gives right to forest dwellers ‘to protect, regenerate or conserve or manage any community forest resource’ only when they have been traditionally protecting and conserving that resource for sustainable use. While there are excellent examples of local governance, the experience of north-east where most forests are under community control shows that sustainable management cannot always be taken for granted if government totally withdraws from the scene.

Therefore, government should continue to provide technical support to the gram sabhas and monitor its sustainable use through encouraging regeneration of forests and ensuring not only higher production of MFPs but price support as provided to farmers so as to rejuvenate tribal economy.” ET. #Analysis

5 August 2015 Adivasi leaders meet President Pranab Mukherjee alleging violation of economic, democratic rights. ET. #Andhra Pradesh, #Chhattisgarh, #Jharkhand, #Kerala, #Madhya Pradesh, #Maharashtra, #Rajasthan, #Tamil Nadu, #Telangana.

2 Aug 2015 PsyOps to Deal with Naxal Propaganda in Tribal Areas “The Narendra Modi Government is planning to launch spectacular psychological operations – or PsyOps – to prevent recruitment by Naxals and to wean away the hardcore cadres who now want to surrender.” IE. #Policy

30 July 2015 Righting Forest Rights “Given the nodal ministry [Tribal Affairs] is unable to monitor the implementation of the provision—which is impeding the development process anyway—may be it is time the FRA was indeed amended to this effect.” Financial Times. #Thoubal #Mapithel

27 July 2015 Centre asks states to review all cases where forest rights claims rejected. ET. #Policy

22 July 2015  FRA has potential to recognize land rights of 150 m tribals, forest dwellersVasundhara (Odisha), the Natural Resources Management Consultants and the Rights and Resources Initiative. Livemint. #Odisha #Report

21 July 2015 Tribal sangha stages dharna Protest against non-implementation of Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 in Assam. Assam Times. #Assam. #Protest

21 July 2015 Tribal communities seek hassle-free access to bamboo on Sathy hills: Ignorance and non-implementation of Forest Rights Act . The Hindu. #Tamil Nadu (Sathyamangalam Hills, Erode District)

16 Jul 2015 National level tribal panel to open Goa unit. TOI. See here: Akhil Bharatiya Adivasi Vikas Parishad, ABAVP. #Goa #Organization

18 Jul 2015  India’s first bamboo investors’ meet in Bhopal opened another chapter in the contentious “forestland for industry” debate that has haunted the country for the past two decades. Down to Earth. #Analysis

27 July 2015 ‘I’m not against mining, big projects, however there should be minimum displacement of tribals. But displacement-related issues are add­ressed in the Land Acquisition Bill, which is being looked into by a joint committee of Parliament.’  Jual Oram, tribal affairs minister, 4-time MP from Sundargarh, Odisha. #Interview.

18 July 2015 Tribal alienation in an unequal India. The Hindu. #Analysis

2 July 2015  Law ministry tells Prakash Javadekar only tribal ministry can tweak forest act rules, in response to Javadekar, who moved the law ministry after Oram contested the environment ministry’s attempt to ease rules under the Forest Rights Act (FRA). #Policy

30 June 2015 Tribal people seek pattas for ‘podu’ land  Around 1.6 lakh tribal families are entitled for pattas in lands to an extent of 7 lakh acres as per the provisions of the Forest Rights Act in the district. The Hindu. #Tamil Nadu. #Land

30 June  2015 Tribal leaders, activists arrested for opposing land acquisition Kanhar dam. TOI. Demand for release. All India Union of Forest Working People (AIUFWP).  #Uttar Pradesh (Sonbhadra District, between Varanasi and Patna) #Land #Protest

27 June 2015  Let’s not miss the wood On June 23, Prime Minister Narendra Modi directed the Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA) to ensure that all States implement the Forest Rights Act (FRA) and grant land rights to tribals over the next two months. Mr. Modi’s announcement is welcome, but nevertheless surprising, as his government has come under scathing criticism for removing community consent clauses for land acquisition in the ill-conceived land ordinance bill. The Hindu. #Analysis

24 June 2015 The All Assam Tribal Sangh (AATS), an umbrella organization of a number of tribal communities, has expressed fear that 70% of 3 lakh tribals in the Barak Valley areas may not find a place in the updated National Register of Citizens (NRC). Also HERE. #Assam #Protest

17-24 June 2015 ‘Investing in green gold: Bamboo investors meet from June 20.’ Also here (TOI). ‘MP to become country’s bamboo capital.’ ‘Bamboo production should be source of permanent livelihood (MP).’  #Conference #Policy

21 June 2015   Tribes denied right to collect forest produce   The Forest Department’s refusal to renew the annual licence of 27 … right of Adivasis to collect the produce is recognised under the Forest Rights Act.  Panchayat Extension to Scheduled Area (PESA) Act 1996, Act to be implemented soon. The Hindu. #Kerala

19 June 2015 Govt asks nine states to implement Forest Rights Act immediately.  Nine states asked to ‘immediately’ implement Forest Rights Act.  Centre (Ministry of Tribal Affairs) asks nine states to expeditiously implement Forest Rights Act. #Bihar #West Bengal #Himachal Pradesh #Karnataka #Kerala #Uttarakhand #Telangana #Uttar Pradesh and #Jharkhand

21 June 2015 Displaced tribals are adrift in an alien world. HT. #Opinion

20 June 2015 Report from Chief Secretary sought A petition of the Human Rights Watch (Angul) “…alleged that around 5,000 tribals and forest dwellers who are residing in different forest and hills in Tana grama panchayat in Banspal block in Keonjhar district have denied land rights under Forest Rights Act (FRA).” and that “Due to unavailability of land rights the tribal people cannot avail resident certificate depriving their children of higher studies, scholarships and loans.” Report of the Chief Secretary on this matter was requested by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). #Orissa #Complaint

17 June 2015   Sell Cattle in 15 Days, Tribals Told Tribal leader Bommiah said the notices are against the provisions of the Forest Rights Act that entitles tribals to collect minor forest produce for their

17 June 2015 Solar fences to keep elephants away: Rai In order to ensure effective implementation of Forest Rights Act that guarantees land rights to people of scheduled tribes to people residing inforest .

14 June  2015 Rehabilitation of Gujjar-Bakerwal tribes a humanitarian issue :TRCF “The RTI record provided by Tribal Ministry revealed that after the enactment of the 1980 law andForest Right Act in 2006 a programme was launched .

12 June 2015 Tribal, forest workers protest against land acquisition ordinance, demand stay on Kanhar dam project  LUCKNOW:  Tribal and left groups from across the state took part in a … the protesters demanded implementation of the Forest Rights Act and land…

8 June 2015  34 families to be relocated from Kudremukh park As many as 34 families, including five tribal families, will relocate from … The five tribal families, who have got land under the Forest Rights Act, …

8 June 2015 Tribals oppose mining in Odisha… the habitat right of primitive tribal communities like Paudi Bhuyan under Forest Rights Acts2006,” said Bilua Nayak, chieftain of Bhuyan community,

7 June 2015 PM Modi wants to know ‘mann ki baat’ of tribals: UnionTribal Affairs Minister Jual Oram “Tribals were oppressed by the previous government’s decisions. … andTribal Affairs Ministry over the provisions of the Forest Rights Act (FRA)

6 June 2015 Mineral auction eligibility can be changed for tribal areas … to the Scheduled Areas) Act, 1996 as well as Scheduled Tribes and other Traditional ForestDwellers (Recognition of the Forest Rights) Act, 2006.

4 June 2015 A favourable season for Adilabad tribal ryots… Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006. This will ensure crop loans to a few thousand uncovered tribal farmers for …The Hindu.

21 May 2015 Forest dwellers see red over denial of rights Back in 2006, when Parliament passed the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, aka theForest …The Hans India. Warangal Adilabad.

30 May 2015 Tribal families to be rehabilitated … Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006. The Tribal Development Officer had prepared a list of families to be rehabilitated at Manjathodu. The Hindu.

17 May 2015 CPI(M) to fight against displacement of tribals… violation of Forest Rights Act promulgated during UPA government’s rule. … officials to force tribals out of forest lands, even if it means use of PD Act’. The Hindu. #Protest

15 May 2015 No conflict between environment and tribal ministry: Jual Oram No conflict between environment and tribal ministry: Jual Oram … Ministry and the Tribal Affairs ministry over the provisions of the Forest Rights Act, The Economic Times.

13 May 2015 Cases Under Forest Rights Act. As per the information received from the State/UT Governments, a total number of 39,61,194 claims (38,64,161 individual and 97,033 community claims) have been filed under the FRA till 28th February, 2015, out of which 32,91,504 claims (83.09%) have been disposed of. Out of the total 32,91,504 claims disposed of, 15,62,453 titles have been distributed and the remaining 17,29,051 claims were rejected, which comes to around 52% of the total claims disposed of. Business Standard. #Claims

12 May 2015 Defining and redefining the forest. A short history of India’s two-decade struggle to define what a forest actually is. #Definition Forest

8 MAY 2015 Redefining forests, recipe for disaster. Deccan Herald

11 May 2015 430 individual titles ready for distribution to forest dwellers on Sathy hills. The Hindu. #Tamil Nadu (Sathyamangalam Hills, Erode District) #Claim

4 May 2015 What Happens When Tribal Women Manage India’s Forests? #Odisha


30 April 2015 Watch What Happens When Tribal Women Manage India’s Forests. Inter Press Service

29 April 2015 After land bill, government’s climb-down on Forest Rights Act HT

28 April 2015 Consent of tribal and forest-dwellers not required to decide on diversion of forest land: Environment … ET

28 April 2015 ‘Government has deceived landless tribespeople’ The Hindu

28 April 2015 MoTA Issues Guidelines for the Protection and Management of CFR Area

23 April 2015 Ministry refuses to relax norms for 35 border projects IE

20 April 2015 Tribal rights’ dilution: Develop through consent, not coercion ET (blog)

21 April 2015 Implementation of Forest Rights Act 2006 pathetic in Tamil Nadu’ The Hindu



Land under Forest Rights Act: Government to Extend Deadline

The New Indian Express

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In a major relief to forest dwellers seeking rights under the Forest Rights Act (FRA), the government has decided to extend

21 April 2015


Tribal Communities’ Welfare will be Ensured, Says CM

The New Indian Express

… the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said here on Friday

18 April 2015


Blood in the woods

The Hindu

But there was always the fear that the tribals would expose the illegal … Even sceptics now accept the Forest Rights Act as the only way forward for

16 April 2015


Tribals pour out their woes to Anjaneya

The Hindu

As per the recent Forest Rights Act, the tribal communities are owners offorest land. We can impose penalty on trespassers. The duty of the Forest

16 April 2015


Letter of concern to the government of India with regard to the government’s position on the World …

Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact

The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act2006 requires the mandatory recognition of individual

16 April 2015


Environment ministry finalises draft notification diluting tribal veto powers;tribal ministry calls it illegal

Business Standard

On March 31, Javadekar, when asked about the ongoing discussions in the government on dilutingtribal rights, said, “This forest rights [Act] discussion

16 April 2015


Polavaram: Travails of tribals persist

The Hans India

Details of the rights of tribals living in the submergence area of the Polavaram Project, as enunciated by the Forest Rights Act, are not even .

16 April 2015–144848


BJP fights ‘battle of perception’

Hindu Business Line

The last formulation deals with the unease among tribal population. “The Forest Rights Act andTribal Rights Act protect the rights of tribal people and

9 April 2015-07-18


Protestors Lathi-charged outside State Assembly; Dozens Hurt

Patna Daily

… tribal people, the Bihar government has so far recognized only 31 persons who are deemed eligible for benefit under the Forest Rights Act of 2006,

16 April 2015-07-18


MoEF not interfering in FRA and Tribal issues: Prakash Javadekar

Daily News & Analysis

More recently, the ministry has been at loggerheads with the tribal affairs ministry on the issue of proposing changes to Forests Rights Act. dna speaks

9 April 2015

Tribals being Driven Out of Forests: Rights Activists

The New Indian Express

“As per the 2006 Forest Rights Act, as many as 4 lakh forest-dwellers have filed applications for about 12 lakh acres of land that they have been

9 April 2015


TSR report seeks to destroy environmental protection achieved in last 60 years: Congress

Day & Night News

Will he tell us why it wants to dilute the Forest Rights Act’ 2006 and PESA’ 1996, meant for the rights for Tribals,” Mr Surjewala asked and alleged ”to

8 April 2015


AARM Requests President Not to Give Assent to Mines Bill


… the Forest Rights Act, PESA Act and Wild Life Protection Act which mandate … “According to the high-level committee report on tribal issues,tribals

7 April 2015


PMO tells Tribal Ministry: Sitting on projects is ‘lack of commitment’

The Indian Express

These projects had sought forest clearances without meeting all conditions under the Forest Rights Act (FRA) and were referred to the tribal affairs

7 April 2015


Tribal people to get basic facilities

The Hindu

He directed the Tribal Welfare Department to ensure provision of food, …tribal families as per the Development Rights under the Forest Rights Act,

7 April 2015


Gujjars for national model to rehabilitate landless tribal in J&K

Scoop News

“The RTI record provided by Tribal Ministry revealed that after the enactment of the 1980 law andForest Right Act in 2006 a programme was launched

5 April 2015


Make use of Forest Rights Act, Says Forest Minister Ramanatha Rai


Mangaluru: The Forest Rights Act is passed to help tribal, so they should use it without fail, stateforest minister B Ramanatha Rai said on Thursday

4 April 2015


Claim your rights, minister tells traditional dwellers

Deccan Herald

The traditional forest dwellers who have applied under forest rights act, will not … He said that several tribal communities are in the verge of extinction.

3 April 2015-07-18

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