R. Geeta, Professor, Department of Botany, University of Delhi, Delhi

Paramananda Barman, Ph. D. candidate. Phylogenetic biology of Dioscorea: transcriptome, biochemical activities and storage protein Dioscorin. (Submitted; awaiting viva voce examination).

Eapsa Berry, Ph. D. candidate. Morphological and molecular developmental genetic basis of floral pigmentation patterns in Acanthaceae, especially Justicia, Ruellia.

Akshay Maimgan, Ph. D. candidate. (co-supervised with Prof. P. L. Uniyal). Rhododendron in the western Himalaya: morphological and molecular variation

Renu Puri, Ph. D. candidate. Molecular Systematics, Biogeography, variation and of fruit form in Impatiens (Balsaminaceae).

Swati Singh, Phd. Candidate (co-supervised with Dr. Sandip Das).

Banisha Phukela, Ph. D. candidate (co-supervised with Prof. R. Tandon). Floral Nectaries.


Renu Puri, M. Phil. “Biogeographic patterns and processes: A molecular phylogenetic approach.” (Completed 2012)

Rupa Saket, M. Phil. “Studies in leaf development with special reference to Ficus.” (Completed 2014)

Kavita Dagar, M. Phil. “Transcription Factors Regulating Epicuticular Wax formation: An Evolutionary Analysis.” (Completed 2015)





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